Certified Detailer, Accredited in using and apply Kenolon Ceramic Shield a professional use only

We have years of experience and a wealth of product knowledge. We have built relationships and done countless training programs to make sure we are up to date with new product. Here are list of  companies we use and are accredited in the use and application of there products 


Ceramic Coating, Kenolon Ceramic Shield, Kenotek, Ceramic pro, gtechniq, carpro, nanolex

Professional use Advanced Ceramic Coating Specialist 

ULTIMaxx Ceramics


We we’re proud to be one of the first companies to become accredited in the use of  the whole ULTIMaxx range 

EZ Car Care

Ez car care

We are one of EZ Car Care’s  recommended accredited detailing sites for the north west 


Leather Repair, leather restoration leather recolour, leather filler, leather dye, faded leather

We have completed training in leather repair with Colourlock 

Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association

Professional valeters and detailers association, pvd, approved, pvd approved, pro Detailer, valeting

We are an approved member and have been since 2017