Nano Coating

Our most popular Coating

From Just £65 you can add a Nano Coating to your car that will increase colour and depth to your paint work and add a layer of protection on your car.

More info about the Nano Coating

This is the pinnacle of hand applied wax technology, but then again, it’s not really a wax. Nano coat has been designed from the ground up to be the closest thing to a coating, that is applied in a wax form. Implementing unique liquid coating technology Liquid Wurtzite Boron Nitrite or Lw-BN™ for short, the hardest material known to man and made a liquid coating technology for painted and glass finishes. Nanocoat has taken the ease of application seen in our other waxes and combine that with the hard wearing, long lasting cutting edge technology using Lw-BN™.

Something Stronger

If you are looking for something stronger and longer lasting then you will need to consider looking at our Ceramic Coating, please follow the link below.