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Machine Polishing

At Extreme Car Care we offer different levels of service depending on budget and what the customer wants to achieve. Each process requires a lap of the car and when working in small 2ft squares this is very time consuming. 

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Hand Polish

The Car is washed and dried, then using a hand applicator we will Hand Polish the whole car with Extreme Car Care's Reanimate Car Polish to restore and Refresh to appearance of the cars paintwork. This really enhances the colour of the car and can be done in one hour.

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Enhancements and Corrections

The car is fully prepped this includes, washing, decontaminating with clay bar, washed again and dried off.  Then a polish correct for the needs of the car is chosen and applied using a professional Dual Action machine in 2ft square sections and buffed off to a fresh finish with a micro fibre.

There are different levels of corrections we can offer.

The first would be everything you would get in the enhancment however prior to using the polish we would apply a cutting compound to smooth out the surface of the car and reduce swirls and scratches considerably more. Then a medium Cut polish to start to bring back the shine and then a finishing polish. All three stages is a lap around the car and this can take in excess of 2 days.

We can also offer scratch removals as long as the paint hasn't been broken. We will use a fine wet and dry sand paper to remove the scratch then use the three stage process to bring back to a new look finish.