Mini Valet

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Plastics cleaned and polished

Windows Cleaned and polished

Air freshener


Wheels Cleaned with a non acid based wheel cleaner Car Rinsed to remove loose dirt and grit   

Car Foamed up with a Soft Soap suitable for all cars and products on them.    

Washed by hand with a Wool Mitt    

Spray Wax applied  

Final Rinse  

Dried with Micro Fibre Towel  

Door Edges Dried  

Tyre Dressing Applied

Full Valet

Clean seats, Shampoo seats, Stain removal, blood on seats, poo on seats, urine on seats, seats clean

Includes all of the Mini Valet  

Seats and Carpets Shampooed, if leather cleaned and condition

Headlining Cleaned to freshen up and remove odours

Full Hand Polish and the exterior with Extreme Car Cares Reanimate Polish to give you a show room finish you desire. 

Prices vary depending on condition, key factors are dog hair, milk spills, exsessive soiling etc. Average time 4 hours plus 

Mini Valet and Polish

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All of the Mini Valet

Then a Full hand Polish on the exterior using Extreme Car Care's Reanimate Polish to Refresh and Restore the look of your car.