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Sissvax Crystal Rock

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Before Crystal Rock wax is applied, the paint has to be prepared by a member of our detailing/valeting team.

With 76% by wax volume of pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, the waxes have one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market. In effect, it coats a car's paintwork in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water-repellent film - and even brings a shine to white and silver. A layer of 'Paul Dalton's Crystal Rock Wax' can last up to 6 to 12 months and can be "topped up" with additional layers for even more protection. When exposed to water, 'Paul Dalton's Crystal Rock Wax' swells and closes its pores. This leads to the beading and sheeting of water that is characteristic of a car that has been treated with this high content Carnauba wax. The more layers are applied, the more waterproof it is. After three layers, one of Paul's clients has been known to dry his car with a two mile drive... caring for your car doesn't get any better.  No wonder some of the most valuable automobiles in the world are protected with Swissvax Crystal Rock, e.g. the Bugatti Royale of the National Automobile Museum in Mulhouse, France.


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Waxes should be applied at the end of all the hard work to make to car look amazing. Waxing will enhance the depth to colours and add a more glossy shine and the most important part it seals in all the hard work to make it last longer. At Extreme Car Care we offer Waxes for all budgets from £30 per application to £200 per application. There are loads of different waxes and they all have different benefits, some for durability, some for enhanced glossy shine and some for both. Luckily for you Extreme Car Care stocks a wide range of products so you can take your pick!

Nano Coating

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Nano Coatings vary and again we stock a wide range. They are advanced mixtures of Brazilian and Californian Carnauba combined with a ceramic mix to increase durability for up to 12 months and  sometimes longer. 

All of these coatings are absolutely fantastic however please be careful where you get your car washed after applying any waxes or nano coatings as 95% of local car washes use a product called TFR (Traffic Film Remover) and it removes not only the dirt but any layers of wax you have applied or had applied by ourselves. 

Please be assured we do not use TFR and will NOT remove any coatings from your car.