Enhancement Detail

We will start with a 2 bucket safe wash, then clay bar to remove contamination within the paintwork, remove all Tar from the car, use our Fallout our Remover  and wash again. Then a full Machine polish with a medium Cut Polish to reduce swirls and scratches to Enhance the look and then finished off with a coat of Wax suitable to the cars paint and colour. Extra's can be added to the service such as Polishing Chrome, Upgrading Wax, Upgrading to Nano Coat, having a Ceramic Coat applied and Glass Coating. Price depends on size and condition. Feel free to call for more details. Bookings required as most vehicles require at least a full day, or come to our Detailing Centre and Car Wash in Radcliffe to dicuss

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Corrections and Scratch Revoal

No job too small, if it's just a small scratch, scuff or mark on the car you want sorting out or the full car we can price the job accordingly. Bookings by appointment or drop in depending on the size of the job. Call for more details on 0161 7246611 or come down to Extreme Car Care Car Wash in Manchester next to Asda in Radcliffe, M26 3SB


All Cars can look better

Whether it's a new or used car we can make it look better, enhancing the colour and depth to the paintwork, remove marks and correcting issues. We have years of experience and knowledge in the industry and are one of the only Certified Detailers in the area. Be at ease knowing your car is in good hands and will look fantastic when you return. If you have any questions please feel free to call on 01617246611 or come down and speak to us.